This vegan version of the Chinese mango pudding is light with a silky texture and the mango is mixed with fresh lime.juice.

This vegan version of the Chinese mango pudding is light with a silky texture and the summery pinch of lime.juice.

We learned from our parents that the typical Dutch desserts are very unhealthy. No Rocket ice lollies or pre-made pudding for us. I ate custard at school for the first time during the Christmas celebration. Now I ignore it, but I liked it a lot at the time! My parents spoiled us with healthy sweets. For instance red bean soup with dried mandarin peel in the winter and mung beans with lotus seeds in the summer (to cool off). Good for the body, but not so sexy.

And then the Chinese mango pudding came into my life. I got to know it during my first visit to Hong Kong, which was then still a British colony. They turned delicious fragrant and sweet mangos into an English pudding. One that is very suitable for Chinese taste buds: not heavy, less sweet and low in fat. Addictively tasty!

“This mango pudding is the ideal light dessert after an Eastern dinner!”

This vegan version of the Chinese mango pudding is light with a silky texture and the summery pinch of lime.juice.

Taste and texture of the Chinese mango pudding

The mango pudding that is served in Hong Kong and in dim sum restaurants all over the world contains mango puree (bad luck if you get mango extract instead of fresh mango), coffee milk, sugar and gelatin. The texture is fairly creamy and at the same time jelly-like firm.

For my recipe I chose to use just enough agar powder (vegetable binder) for a melt-in-your-mouth texture. I used lime and yogurt to emphasize the fresh and sweet mango flavour. For extra creaminess I also use some coconut milk. You could omit coconut milk and use extra yogurt.

Which mango to choose?

The mango from the supermarket lacks the real mango taste with its many nuances that the small, yellow mango from Asia does have. They can often be found at the Asian food shop. If you don’t have an exotic shop in the area like me, make this pudding with the ripest mango you can find. Or buy a hard mango and wait patiently until it is ripe.
Exactly how much lime and sugar you need depends on the taste of the mango. The tastier your mango, the less lime and sugar you need. So start with less sugar and lime, taste and add more sugar and/or lime if necessary.


Chinese Mango Pudding

This vegan version of the Chinese mango pudding is light with a silky texture and the summery pinch of lime.juice.

A light pudding with a silky texture and the summery flavours of mango and lime. Bound with agar instead of gelatin.

  • Author: Kamwoj
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Cook Time: 15
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x
  • Category: sweet, dessert, vegan
  • Method: cooking
  • Cuisine: Chinese



  • 225 g mango ( from a large mango from the supermarket)
  • 50100 g white palm sugar or cane sugar, the sweeter your mango the less sugar
  • Juice from ½1 lime
  • 1 g (¼ teaspoon) of agar powder 1 in 20 g/ml of lukewarm water


  • 125 g (vanilla) yogurt 2
  • 150 g coconut milk
  • Skin of 1 lime, without the white
  • Palm sugar or cane sugar, to taste and depending on the sweetness of your yogurt
  • Pinch of salt, optional


  • White chocolate:
  • 25 g of white chocolate 4, chopped
  • 10 g/ml lukewarm water (if you want to make a white chocolate sauce)

Marinated mango:

  • 80 g mango, in small cubes
  • Honey or vegan liquid sweetener, to taste
  • Chopped (Thai) basil or mint, optional
  • Lime juice or lemon juice


Mango pudding:

  1. Put all A ingredients in a high bowl of small blender. Start with less lime juice and sugar. Mix well and taste. Add more sugar and/or lime juice to taste. Put aside.
  2. The agar must be soaked in the lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes. Make sure all the powder is dissolved.
  3. Place all B ingredients in a small pan. Warm the whole, stirring, over medium heat. It may not boil too hard. Also wipe the edge of the pan with a spatula, residues of agar powder can stick to the edges. Check after 2 minutes if the agar is completely dissolved. There should no longer be any dots of agar. If everything is not resolved, keep the liquid heated for a minute on very low heat. And check again. When the agar has dissolved, remove the pan from the heat. Taste whether you think it is sweet enough for your dessert. If not, you can still stir sugar in the liquid while it’s hot. I didn’t have to add sugar because the yogurt was sweet enough. And coconut milk is naturally sweet.
  4. Sieve the warm coconut-yogurt mixture for a smooth whole and stir well into the mango puree. If the coconut-yoghurt mixture has cooled too much, do not heat it up again before pouring it into the mango puree. (Agar solidifies at room temperature.) Better safe than sorry, you want the warm agar to include the mango puree in the solidification process! Taste the mixture again. Add some lime or sugar to taste.
  5. Divide the mixture into 4 small bowls in which you want to serve the pudding. Let them set in the fridge for 3 hours. Because there is little agar in it, you need that time to avoid a puddle of moisture on the bottom of your dishes.


For the marinated mango, cut small cubes from a thick slice of mango. Mix the mango with a little lime juice, liquid sweetener and chopped basil and/or mint. Do not use too many herbs, which can be predominant.

For a chocolate sauce you melt the chocolate (without the water) in the microwave: 10 seconds, check and stir and again 10 seconds. Repeat this until the chocolate has melted. Then stir it in the lukewarm water. The sauce is now very liquid, but it will become thick soon. Put it aside. You can also use chopped white chocolate instead of sauce for a tasty bite.

Do you want to serve the puddings on a plate after stiffening? Loosen the pudding this way: push the tip of a sharp knife between pudding and bowl to get some air in between. DO NOT cut the edge around. Place a plate on your bowl and turn it all over, the pudding will then drop on the plate. Shake a little if the pudding does not fall on your plate right away.

If you want white chocolate sauce underneath your pudding, first brush the sauce on the plate before you pour the pudding on it.


Colourless agar powder: can be purchased at a supermarket, organic store or online. Preferably not in other forms, such as strips and flakes, because you use them too easily. You have less control over the texture of your dessert.

Vegan and lactose-free: use vegetable yogurt (use 125 grams of coconut milk and a little more lime juice), agave from other liquid vegan sweetener and vegan white chocolate.

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