Vietnamese culantro or sawtooth herb is a delicious seasoning

Sawtooth herb, Thai coriander, Chinese coriander, culantro?

This herb is called Mexican -, Thai -, long – and also called wild coriander. Then you also have the English names: culantro (not to be confused with cilantro, “normal” coriander) and sawtooth herb. Our Vietnamese cook/ friend Phuong always talks about Vietnamese coriander, in Vietnamese Hạt giống rau mùi tàu. I do not argue. If Phuong says this is Vietnamese coriander then this is Vietnamese coriander.

What does Vietnamese culantro taste like and how to use it?

This herb tastes like coriander, natural, but more robust. It is often eaten raw in a salad but, unlike regular coriander, can also be cooked briefly. This herb tastes divine in a Vietnamese soup!

The leaves are oblong and the edges are frayed like a saw. The part close to the root is a bit firmer. Cut the leaves into thin strips before adding them to your dish.

Vietnamese culantro can be bought at the Asian grocery shop.

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